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California Marriage License Info

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California Marriage License Tips and Tricks

If you are getting married in California, getting a marriage license is a unique business. There are some great things about it and some bad things about it, a fact that is generally true with the uniqueness of the California state in most areas. The counties tend to fall out with what the state does more often than not in California, so you should definitely go ahead and make sure you contact both county and state to find out exactly what your California marriage license entails. Furthermore, making an appointment ahead of time might be a good idea as the lines for marriage licenses in California otherwise tend to be notoriously long.

When you are getting a California marriage license, it is worthwhile to know that there is no actual waiting period under any circumstances. That having been said, there are some specific application requirements that you need to fulfill. For starters, California has no residency requirement (i.e. you don’t have to live there to get a license from there), but you do need to submit a photo ID as well as proof of age and proof of divorce if applicable when you are applying for a California marriage license. Furthermore, you do not need to get a blood test to get married in California, but you do need to pay a fee of at least $45.00.

California offers a number of different marriage options, the most unique of which is probably the confidential marriage license. If you have been living together and would like to get a California marriage license without public record of the marriage, you can apply for and receive a confidential marriage license that is good in the state of California. In addition to the confidential marriage, California also allows proxy marriages and cousin marriages. They do not allow common law marriages or same sex marriages.

In the case of the latter, California did briefly allow same sex marriage as a result of a court ruling, although that ruling was nullified by the passing of a direct democracy proposition in the 2008 election. Legal challenges are pending, but one should not expect this situation to be clear one way or another anytime soon. As of right now, the state of California does not allow same sex marriages.

That is about all you need to know regarding the basics of the California marriage license. Any further inquiries should be directed to your local county and/or city clerk.
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