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Tips for a Modern Wedding Reception

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Wedding receptions generally follow a similar tradition and pattern. While some wedding receptions deviate from the usual traditions, most stick with what has been done in the family before. Having a modern wedding reception is a great way to make your reception fun and memorable for all involved. While there are multiple ways to be unique and break tradition, a few changes stick out. These changes, both big and small, can drastically change the feel of your wedding reception.

Modern Chair Covers

Modern chair covers are a simple way to create a modern wedding reception. Most weddings fail to cover the chairs. By covering the chairs, you are adding in a new design element. This allows you to create a more modern ambiance. Crisp white chair covers are all that is needed. These simple covers can still give you the look you want. Usually, these can be rented from the linen or chair rental companies.

Play with Color

Color is an important part of any wedding reception. Most weddings stick to basic colors, with only one major accent color. More modern wedding receptions play with color to give new life to the reception. Do not be afraid to play with loud and bold colors. These cut into the doldrums of the usual white and cream of weddings. They make your wedding reception more modern and more memorable.

New and Exciting Aspects

Trying to make your wedding reception modern can be as simple as adding a few fun items to the reception itself. Ice sculptures are a fun and interesting way to add a unique flair to the reception. Some companies even make ice bars; the drinks are mixed in an ice block and pour into a glass. Any type of fountain, such as a drink fountain or a chocolate fountain, adds a fun and modern touch to a reception.

Outdoor Receptions

Outdoor receptions have been growing in popularity, and are a new and interesting way to have a modern reception. Outdoor receptions tend to be more casual and relaxed. Receptions in large covered patios are a great way to add a modern touch without going too far out of the traditional box.

Modern chair covers can do wonders for a room. Suddenly, the chairs become an important part of the overall design of the reception. By playing with unused colors and multiple colors, you can add your own touch to the entire reception. Various new aspects, such as ice sculpture and fountains, can bring new and exciting activities to a reception. Simply having an outdoor reception is modern. There are multiple things to do to make your wedding reception modern. Use multiple variations to have your own unique and memorable reception.

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