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Having a Wedding in a Garden

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California Wedding Articles » Wedding Ideas

Having weddings in outdoor spaces continues to be an interesting and supported trend. Many look for outdoor weddings to add a casual and yet beautiful look to their wedding. Those who still want a classy and sophisticated outdoor wedding will look toward garden weddings. Garden weddings may be the perfect way to add a special touch to your day. There are three types of gardens for you to consider when looking into getting married in a garden.

A Personal Garden

Your own personal garden, on your own personal property, can be the most intimate place to have a wedding. Personal gardens offer the comfort of home. The personal garden will bring the guests into your personal life. It also allows you to keep your memories close to home. Every time you visit your personal garden, you will be reminded of the day that you exchanged vows and became a married couple.

A Community Garden

Community gardens, also known as public gardens, are picturesque places to have a wedding. These gardens may be found in parks, but could also be found in more private properties. These weddings are often more open, as public gardens tend to have more open layouts. This is a great way to add a new twist to a wedding; having a wedding in a more public place is more unique than the usual, traditional church or place-of-worship wedding. Some of these spaces must be rented, while others may be offered to the public for free use.

A Private Garden

A private garden may be the perfect way for you to have a wedding in a garden. Private gardens are often the most luscious and beautiful. They are often rented out to those who are having weddings or special events. A wedding planner will have the connections that you need to find the best private gardens for your wedding. The private area will allow you to have the elegance and size of a large garden, but without the “in public” aspect of a community or public garden.

The personal garden is a great way to bring guests into a personal space. Often, having a personal space for the wedding is incredibly special, as it is an easy place to revisit for memories. A community or public garden is going to be a nice venue, as it is often kept up on a regular basis. There are also private gardens that are simply flowers in private settings that are made for events such as weddings. Choosing the garden for your wedding is an important step. Taking the time to make the right decision is the perfect way to have the best garden wedding.

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